Expanding our Cooperation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University - with Med-X Research Institute

The Med-X Research Institute at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Shanghai, P. R. China, is a newly established institute that focuses on interdisciplinary research on medicine, engineering and physical sciences. The mission of the institute is to conduct cutting-edge basic and translational researches that apply engineering/computer/physics research capacity to solve pressing biomedical problems. SJTU is not only one of the best institutions of engineering and sciences in China, but also has the No.1 clinical medicine in China with twelve highest ranked affiliated hospitals. These unique strengths are the solid basis for Med-X to become a world-class research institute on interdisciplinary biomedical research. During the last year, a number of well-established investigators around the world have joined the faculty of the Med-X Research Institute. The institute is equipped with many state-of-art research facilities, such as microPET/CT, microCT, optical animal imaging system, high-end flow cytometer and real-time PCR. There are five primary research areas and four joint clinical research centers as the follows:

Primary Research Areas:

  • Medical Imaging and Informatics (Dr. Yijun Liu, Dr. Yuhong Xu, Dr. Jun Zhao)
  • Neuroscience and Neuroengineering (Dr. Guoyuan Yang, Dr. Weihai Ying, Dr. Shanbao Tong)
  • Nanotechnology and Biomaterials (Dr. Hongchen Gu, Dr. Paul Dalton, Dr. Jiang Chang)
  • Digital Medicine and Rehabilitation (Dr. Kerong Dai, Dr. Ning Lan, Dr. Lixu Gu)
  • Novel Medical Equipment and Technology(Prof. Yazhu Chen, Dr. Lisa X. Xu)

Clinical Research Centers:

  • Med-X-Ruijin Hospital Micro PET/CT Research Center
  • Med-X-Renji Hospital Clinical Stem Cell Research Center
  • Shanghai Med-X Engineering Center for Medical Equipment and Technology --- Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital Center
  • Med-X-Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital Rehabilitation Research Center

Dr. Dov Jaron at Hong Kong University


Dr. Dov Jaron at Tsinghua University


Dr. Dov Jaron at Shanghai Jiao Tong University