Drexel Teach-in for Peacebuilding

Date:17th September, 2013

The Drexel Teach-in for Peacebuilding was a half-day of hands-on workshops on diverse building blocks of peace. The teach-in was put on by a collaborative team of Drexel University units and partners including the Office of International Programs (Drexel), College of Arts and Sciences Center for Interdisciplinary Programs (Drexel), School of Education (Drexel), Office of Equality and Diversity (Drexel), Peace Day Philly, The Peace Center, and the Global Philadelphia Association. The five workshops, led by area experts, included:

  • Mediation
  • International Organizations and Human Rights
  • Gender and Peacebuilding
  • Peace Education
  • International Conflict Resolution
The program started off with a mini-workshop for all participants led by Barbara Simons. The group collaboratively set the tone for the day as they laid out ground rules, intentions, expectations, and goals. Individuals then broke out into the concurrent workshops. Each of the 5 workshops was offered concurrently 3 separate times to ensure that the workshops remained small and interactive. The day concluded with a networking reception. Participants included students, educators and community members from diverse fields.
The event took place in the James E. Marks Intercultural Center on Drexel’s campus. The location was intentionally chosen because of the Perspectives on Peace photography exhibition that was on display during the program. Not only did the art provide a beautiful and thought provoking back drop for the workshops but the content provoked discussion on the role of different fields in the art and practice of peacebuilding.