Call for Applications - Global Classroom

Date: February 7, 2013

What are Global Classrooms?

These are classrooms that engage our students with students at one of our partner universities
abroad through a range of on-line and electronic technologies, addressing global challenges and

We are launching a few such pilot classrooms at Drexel this Spring Term 2013, for any
discipline across the university. Faculty members who are ready to incorporate a global
dimension into their classroom experience and link it to a class of students from one of our
international partners are eligible to apply to participate in this pilot.

The Office of International Programs will provide up to four $1,000 stipends to professors who
propose to incorporate this global aspect into a scheduled class for the Spring Term and will help
to support contacts and technical arrangements with our international partners (or partners with
whom they are already conducting research).

The hope is that both professors and students will find this experience enriching in many ways,
we have many more such proposals in the future, and faculty members continue to offer their
established global classrooms yearly. Eventually, all students should have the opportunity
to participate in such a class. Some professors may elect to work with the Study Abroad
Office to add a "face-to-face" component to the class – inviting partners to visit Drexel during
intersessions or traveling with students to complete a project on a partner campus or country. We
hope to have strategic funding to support such endeavors as well.

Click here to download the application form.

The due date for proposals is February 7, 2013.