Cross Country Conversations

2012-2013 - U.N. Interventions

Date: September 28th, 2012
Time: 12:30-2:00pm
Venue: MacAlister 2019/2020

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In observance of Peace Day Philly, the Office of International Programs, College of Arts and Sciences, International Area Studies, and the Drexel Student Alliance of the United Nations Association will host a "Cross Country Conversation" to explore United Nations' interventions.

Though the U.N. has succeeded with certain missions, its failures have led some to question various U.N. strategies. Are interventions effective in creating long-term peace? Do United Nations obligations necessitate intervention? Are the peacekeepers truly keeping the peace? Are these interventions even lawful?

The 'Cross Country Conversation' (CCC) series brings students together for an open discussion on issues that transcend cultural boundaries and affect nations across the globe. Along with a faculty facilitator who guides the conversation, a small panel of pre-selected students provides short presentations followed by an open forum for guests to voice opinions, concerns, and perspectives from their own culture. CCC aims to consider how different issues are perceived by cultures beyond the States.

Past discussion topics have included internet privacy, gender equality, and torture. The Drexel and non-Drexel communities are welcome to attend this free event. All opinions are encouraged and welcome. Free lunch will be provided.