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There are two designs within the SiteCore template.

Both are based on a single template but carry slightly different design elements and different functions.  

The Administrative Design is required for university-wide departmental functions or services, and may include academic services. Examples of such departments or offices follow:

The Alternative Design has been designed for centers and institutes that primarily do not serve as administrative offices. Examples follow:

Colleges and Schools

Colleges and schools are not required to use either template design, but are required to meet certain web standards. However, if a college uses the template design, they must adhere to the template design elements. Also, the following guidelines apply to freestanding sites for academic departments that could function, or be construed as, the sole entry point for a prospective student.

College/school websites are required to include an "Academics" section and an "Admissions" section in the main navigation. The Academics section is required to appear first in the hierarchy of the main navigation and include pages describing the college/school's academic offerings. The Admissions section is required to appear second to Academics in the hierarchy of the main navigation and must include an "Apply Now" application instructions page and may include a series of pages for admission criteria, FAQs, and audiences such as undergraduate/graduate, transfers, etc.  

Apply or Apply Now calls to action or quick links are not permitted in the utility links or the main navigation. They may be included on the Admissions section pages.

Any "About Us" or "About" sections is required to appear last in hierarchy of the main navigation at the far right.

The mandatory elements (navigation, utility links, footers, etc.) that colleges and schools are required to use are described more fully on the Global Elements page.

Please note that the expandable fixed footer used on the University’s core website is not permitted on college and school websites.

Also, colleges and schools are required to use one of two combinations of fonts:

  1. Miller Display for headings and Miller Text for body copy OR
  2. Futura for headings and Arial for body copy.

For questions regarding requirements for colleges' and schools' websites, please contact the Office of University Communications.


Inner Page Columns

Inner Page column structure can be configured in one of four ways.

  1. 3 Column (left, center, right)
  2. 2 Column (left, center)
  3. 2 Column (center, right)
  4. 1 Column (center)
    * This is an available option (with approval from the Office of University Communications), but not recommended. An example might include a full width interactive map that needs to be displayed at a large size. In this scenario, a left and right sidebar may not be necessary; however, explicit navigation within the page body should be provided to orient the user to the navigational structure of the site.

It is the responsibility of the content author to decide which column format to use.

Left Column

The left column is reserved for sub navigation and is mandatory (with approval from the Office of University Communications). It cannot hold any other items or be modified. The only alternative option is to not display this column, but it is not recommended.

Center Column

The center column is the area where page content is placed, and at minimum must contain a headline and paragraph copy for the page body.

All presentation rules associated with the items below apply to the inner page content area. Homepages may use alternate treatments upon consultation with the Office of University Communications.

  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Images
  • Call Outs
  • Quotes
  • Buttons
  • Videos

Right Column

The right column is reserved for sidebar content.

All presentation rules associated with the items in the list below apply to the inner page right sidebar.

  • News Sidebar
  • Events Sidebar
  • Call to Action Sidebar
  • Learn More Sidebar
  • Quick Links

1. Three-Column (left, center, right)

2. Two-Column (left, center)

3. Two-Column (center, right)