Cornerstones of Leadership Program Evaluation Project


The Cornerstones of Leadership Program Evaluation Project, funded by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, was created to establish an evaluation infrastructure that will serve as a model for research and practice in institutional, national and international leadership development programs, particularly those focusing on women faculty in engineering, technology and science.

We are pleased to report that our team has delivered on each of the following five metrics approved by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation:

1. An enhanced Survey of Leadership Learning and Career Development completed for use with the
class of participants entering the ELATE and ELAM programs in August 2012 and beyond, including
core items for both programs, and items specific to each program.

2. Evaluation methods designed to assess the outcomes and impact of Institutional Action Projects
on women's leadership development, advancement and institutional change to be implemented in
the ELATE/ELAM programs starting in fall 2012.

3. An infrastructure for a national program evaluation system established with outcomes-based
research to inform policies and practices in career development of academic leaders in science,
engineering, and technology.

4. An ICELA program evaluation page on the web site, with links to ELATE and ELAM programs to
make information available to interested parties such as: project evaluation tools, content of
Leadership Learning and Career Development Survey, and links to related research citations.

5. Intent to continue to produce regular research publications and make presentations at national
and international conferences that will enhance public understanding and improve policy making
regarding women's access to, and preparation for success in, senior leadership positions in STEM
fields and in university-wide administration.

The Team

Nily Dan, Ph.D., Co-PI, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Drexel University, will ensure the integrity of curriculum and evaluation tools that are specific to women in engineering and technology.

Diane Magrane, M.D., Co-PI, Director of ICELA, is an accomplished medical educator with extensive experience in leadership development programs and special expertise in the issues of advancement of academic women leaders.  She is responsible for aligning curricular goals, learning methods, and program evaluation for ELAM and ELATE.            

Page S. Morahan, Ph.D., Co-PI, Founding Director, ELAM, is primary author on research reports published about ELAM. She has extensive experience in leadership program development and evaluation in national and international career development programs. 

Susan Ambrose, Ph.D., Professor, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, Northeastern University, used her knowledge of engineering faculty development and learning assessment to adaptation of the ELAM curriculum model to ELATE and to evaluation development.

Sharon A. Dannels, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Educational Research, George Washington University, assisted with validation of the survey and selection of methods for analysis of the collected data.

Katharine A. Gleason, M.P.H., former Assistant Director, ELATE and Associate Director for Evaluation, ICELA, managed all evaluation projects, was the primary liaison with ELATE Fellows and their Deans, and ensured research compliance and alignment of curricular goals and evaluation items.

Aleya Lyn, M.H.S., Research Assistant, ICELA, was responsible for administrative and logistical aspects of the project.