Curricular Approach


ICELA’s programs utilize a unique action learning curriculum that moves lessons of leadership from the classroom into on-the-job application at each Fellow’s home institution.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Learning Communities facilitate network building, foster team building skills, peer consultation, and listening.
  • Interviews with executive leaders at the Fellow’s institution support understanding of financial and change strategy, higher education institutional structure and function, and challenges of leadership career development.
  • Institutional Action Projects on topics of interest to the fellows and their institutional leaders open doors for contribution and visibility as a leader and enhance skills of project development and strategy execution.
  • Leadership development plans use reflective analysis and 360° feedback from peers, staff, and supervisors to increase personal and professional effectiveness.
  • Conversations on Leadership/Meet the Leaders sessions provide an opportunity for Fellows to engage in candid, moderated discussions with nationally recognized men and women from academia on topics important to emerging leaders.
  • Leaders Forum joins together institutional leaders and Fellows for a two-day exploration of the Fellows’ Institutional Action Projects as the capstone to the fellowship program.

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