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All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Drexel ...
1"Don't be a leaf on the tree, only there for a season; don't be a branch on the tree who breaks away when times are tough; Be the roots of the tree and although not seen, hold people up through the storms come what may, nourish them, feed them and water them Help them live a long and healthy life."
– Leo Pickett, Library Science '60
2"Drexel provides you with the tools, structure, and guidance to learn and grow, but those things alone will not lead to success. You need to combine them with your passion, creativity, and drive, and from there, you will see that the possibilities are endless."
– Adriana Zupa-Fernandez, Biology '03
3"Network during your Co-op opportunities. You never know who at a company may be able to help you get a job after graduation."
– Pulin Shah, Electrical Engineering '98
4"You can create lifelong friends around the concept of learning."
– Haikeem Nelson, Finance '93
5"That Drexel runs on the real world time line thanks to the quarter system. It prepares you to be in corporate America and think along the same time line and the same work ethic of deadlines. Learning how to deliver exceptional work with tight schedules while minimizing stress. — Drexel Quarter System with Co-op"
– Merie Daniel Perry, Chemical Engineering '00
6"It takes a lifetime of hard work to build your good reputation, but it takes only one second to lose it all. Think before you say or act."
– Marc Plisko, Commerce and Engineering '89
7"The most important thing I learned at Drexel was that, even if one feels lost, one needs to go to class, ask questions until clarity appears and, simply put, never give up, never surrender!"
– Karen Schwartz-McGady, Electrical Engineering '82
8"During a Freshman Orientation session, one of the English profs made a point that has served me well throughout my career. 'Good writing isn't written it is re-written,' thereby stressing the importance to review and edit your work before submitting."
– Carole Gardner Dodson, Humanities and Social Science '71
9"Academia is always not the best teacher as both my three Co-op assignments, and the few adjunct professors who had retired from corporate careers, gave me the most valuable insight into my business future."
– Robert Gronwaldt, Business Administration '82
10"Nothing you encounter in your personal life and working career will be as difficult as the physics courses at Drexel."
– Steve Solomon, Physics '63
11"Do what you love and the money will follow."
– Michael Summa, Business '89
12"Continue the mission of education, research, service. Get involved with the future of your profession and community. Make new friends, remember old. Be honest. Work hard. Stay happy."
– Herb Kunkle, Medicine '79
13"The more challenges you take on, the more you'll surprise yourself with success."
– Jennifer Ragen, Commerce and Engineering '06
14"If you work hard, are sincere and persistent, someone will give you the break you have been aching in your soul to get."
– Jerrold Polansky, Medicine '86
15"Don't be afraid to embrace new and changing technology, network with alumni and mentor, encourage, hire new graduates."
– Virginia Fisher Webb, Library and Information Science '93
16"Mentoring young students is extremely important. I had several mentors from the civil engineering faculty and they were instrumental in my future endeavors."
– Rich Weggel, Civil Engineering '64
17"Today, information has been made easy to obtain. Discerning its accuracy, and learning and knowing how to use it properly is today's challenge."
– Regis W. Kubit, Electrical Engineering '55
18"Use caution when experimenting. Bridging the wired and wireless networks can bring down the whole dorm's internet except for yours."
– Dan Moyer, Information Science and Technology '06
19"You are capable of more than you think you are right now! Getting a high grade in Dr. Haas's Unit Ops Biological course, I didn't see that coming."
– Mark Richmond, Environmental Engineering '97
20"When facing a difficult problem look at it from all perspectives. Thinking outside the box will give you the opportunity to discover that there might be other answers."
– Lois Grossmann Davidson, Human Behavior '79
21"Don't consider it a job. If you simply have a job you will never reach absolute happiness. Excel and achieve the highest standards while your career takes you for the ride."
– Robery Bichefsky, Electrical Engineering '85
22"Trust the people you work with that know what they are talking about."
– Robert Kirkland Smith, Electrical Engineering '70
23"I learned that you need to have real-life job experience to actually get a job after graduation. My co-op experience is why I was hired."
– Liz Kantner, Marketing '10
24"I've learned to be diligent and strong during adverse times."
– Latanya Jenkins, Library and Information Science '06
25"Volunteer your time and talents, without looking for anything in return. Rewards are tremendous in this life here on earth."
– Carvon Johnson, Commerce and Engineering '85, Engineering Management '88
26"It is possible to use a Pringles can to get free DragonFly internet from an apartment."
– Dan Moyer, Information Science and Technology '06
27"The 'cool kids' were the ones who were able to perfectly balance being a nerd at school and the Philadelphia experience."
– Christina Giannascoli, Environmental Engineering '12
28"Washing blue bed sheets and whites in the same washer will turn your whites baby blue."
– Aquiera Halsey, Entrepreneurship '11
29"You have to 'complete' the journey yourself; people can only assist you along the way."
– Haikeem Nelson, Finance '93
30"The only dumb question is the one not asked!"
– Michael Duris, Hotel and Restaurant Management '89
31"Summers off are overrated."
– Nasir Emadi, Mechanical Engineering '88
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