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All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Drexel ...
1"I was very introverted when I arrived in 1974. By the time I graduated, I was the president of the Drexel senior class, plus many officer positions in Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. These assignments paid tremendous dividends in my personal and profession life. Thanks Drexel and thanks Delta Sigma Phi!"
– Lawrence Wasser, Commerce and Engineering '79
2"Once you reach your goals, send a quick note thanking those professors who helped you along the way. It makes a difference in your life as well as theirs."
– Rose Giordano, Biomedical Science '01
3"Reflecting back, the value of Drexel to me summed up is: working with teams, Co-op, 10 week quarters, and lifelong friends."
– Bob Newton, Chemical Engineering '83
4"Develop a thick skin for constructive criticism – it will take your great idea and make it 10 times better!"
– Monica Manklang, Digital Media '04
5"There's always the right way and the wrong way. Don't overcomplicate things so much that you sneak into the grey area and lose your way."
– Anna Steinberg, Business Administration '05
6"You will never get the 'recommended' hours of sleep; it is always finals/midterms week."
– Marina Bluvshteyn, Health Sciences '11
7"Get involved in student organizations. If there isn't one you like, create one. Future employers find that very appealing."
– Viren Doshi, Biology '10
8"Never refuse an assignment...even when it is outside your skill set. Always accept an assignment willingly; you will then become the go-to person."
– Gary Altoonian, Civil Engineering '79
9"To INTELLIGENTLY solve a problem, one must first understand it."
– Charles Gonnermann, Mechanical Engineering '62
10"You can accomplish anything if you learn to plan ahead."
– Gerald Votta, Physics and Atmospheric Science '71
11"Set your own challenging, but reachable goals. Set high standards for dress, conduct, and achievement. Don't conform to others unless to a higher standard that inspires you to do so."
– John Shinskie, Mathematics '69
12"My Drexel life lesson was (and is) that Drexel has become my new 'old' neighborhood, with nostalgic memories and life-long relationships. The most wonderful thing of all is that this neighborhood is accessible anywhere in the world, via virtual access, so I am never 'home-sick'. Whenever I hear about Drexel on the news or see that endearing dragon icon, I know that just a mouse-click can take me back to my 'hood' and current 'happenings'."
– Akimi Jones, Business Administration '10
13"I learned at Drexel that there is a solution to every problem if the correct effort is applied."
– Nicolas Pjatikin, Civil Engineering '72
14"I often recall from my machines course the professor said 'If it works, use it.' I have more often than not solved problems quickly with very practical applications of technical concepts."
– William Teat, Electrical Engineering '74
15"Hard work really does pay off. And it's less hard with supportive faculty."
– Ellen Assante, Nursing '07
16"From Dr. Luther Brady: 'You can't get a complication unless the patient lives.'"
– Theodore Yaeger, Medicine '81
17"I learned to accept people for who they are, not what they do and how they feel. In the counseling field biases are a common feeling among all individuals. Relating to clients according to their diversity will help me have a clearer understanding of issues, and assist with overcoming prejudice and bias."
– Vida Dawkins, Behavioral and Addictions Counseling '07
18 "Nitric acid turns your fingers yellow."
– Louis Teletski, Chemical Engineering '61
19 "Celebrate! Invigorate! Exhilarate!"
– Renee Forst Mezzanotte, Retail Management '82
20 "All I really need to know I learned at Drexel that one can study and work amidst distractions such as renovations in the Rush building."
– Teresa Calabrese Cartularo, Library Science '81
21 "I learned how to work with other adults who were trying to juggle work, education and family. With us having commonalities, the learning atmosphere was more conforming."
– Vida Dawkins, Behavioral and Addictions Counseling '07
22 "A night school degree is as good as a day school degree."
– Nat Kobitz, Engineering Management '62
23 "Between September 1967 and June 1961, Dr. Betsy T. Howard, a professor at Drexel, authored a book 'China, the Sleeping Giant'. She gave lectures on the contents and other world events in Drexel's auditorium. Executives from General Electric from across the street would line the rear of the room to listen. How precocious she was! Her works are stored in Drexel's archives."
– Thomas Rigney, Business Administration '61, MBA '68
24 "Always stop and buy lemonade (or anything else for that matter) from enterprising kids selling their goods from a sidewalk or corner stand."
– John Shinskie, Mathematics '69
25 "In 10-week increments, I learned how to be a successful nurse educator at Drexel. With great Drexel life lessons I'm currently back in school pursuing my PhD. Drexel = life-long learning."
– Diane Taylor Walter, Nursing Education '10
26 "Don't tell it if you don't want to hear it again!"
– Selena Davis Heard, Teacher Education '01
27 "Just because stat is said to be the weed-out class doesn't mean it has to be your weed-out class. Never assume, work hard and draw your own conclusions in life!"
– Maria Martino Evans, MBA '95
28 "There is always a way to get free parking if you hunt for it."
– Dan Moyer, Information Science and Technology '01
29 "From Professor John Langdon, 'repetition with variation.' It applies to my design work and in maintaining the good in my life!"
– Erika Nanartowicz, Graphic Design '93
30 "I learned analytical thinking, sound judgment skills and solid decision-making based upon facts."
– Pattie DeVore Sheaffer, Nursing '77
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