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All I Really Need to Know
I Learned at Drexel

366 Life Lessons by Drexel Alumni

As part of Drexel's Year of the Dragon, the Alumni Association is sharing a list of 366 life lessons (2012 is a leap year) that our alumni learned at Drexel.

Drexel alumni were asked to submit their life lessons, sharing that everything they really needed to know, they learned at Drexel.

Share your own life lesson today, and then check-out the life lessons your fellow alumni have shared below.


All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Drexel ...
1"During each step on the path of life, always have a mentor, and be a mentor."
– Kevin Turcotte, MBA '08
2"Change is NOT just something you keep in your pocket. It is with you forever."
– Sam Costa, Psychology '74
3"APA does not stand for Accredited Personal Analysis but an MBA can translate into More Business Access."
– Salvatore Dragone, MBA '06
4"One can cope and study and learn amidst the chaos of the restructuring of the Rush Building and thus be prepared to serve our clients when this happens in our workplace."
– Teresa Calabrese Cartularo, Academic Librarianship '81
5"A parking permit will pay for itself."
– Valerie Vagnini, Physical Science and Biology '09
6"If you want people to take you seriously on the job, dress professionally."
– Karen Canter Weinberg, Business Administration '84
7"Who knew that freshman year I'd meet lifelong best friends within the confines of the DU athletic community? Thank you for my besties! Go Dragons!"
– Lisa McCarthy Ross, Marketing and Human Resource Management '88
8"Don't discount any possibility for your future."
– James Deckman, Commerce and Engineering '66
9"By participating in Beta Alpha Psi and getting involved with on-campus recruiting, I learned that knowing people really helps with the job search and also how small the accounting world really is – someone knows someone somewhere."
– Deborah Chomiszewski, Accounting '95, Taxation '96
10"Co-ops are a great way to enter the workforce but remember it is a job and not play time off campus. Participate, learn and grow as you complete each co-op."
– Donna Johnson, Communication and Applied Technology '08
11"Don't be a slacker when it comes to group projects. Nobody likes a slacker."
– Lauren Rocca Villanueva, Corporate Communication '04, Higher Education '10
12"At work, always look for new challenges and new opportunities for growth. It will keep things interesting, and looks great to employers."
– Matt Geragi, MBA '09
13"Tell the hard truth even when it is not popular, or means challenging the status quo."
– Saundra King, Human Behavior and Development '78
14"Your success is not yours alone. Remember who brought you to the dance."
– Jonathan Deutsch, Hospitality Management '99
15"We tend to do best when challenged."
– Steven Lubow, Biological Science '69, Environmental Science '78
16"Step outside of your comfort bubble, then pop it so you can't get back in."
– Lucas Hippel, Chemical Engineering '11
17"Not using your tuition remission benefit is leaving money on the table. Using it for a Drexel MBA was a smart investment."
– Sandra Urdaneta-Hartmann, MBA '09
18"Lead with actions."
– Lily Lin, International Business '09
19"Don't always get the used text book with writing in the margins. You never know how smart the previous owner was."
– Jennifer Knaggs, International Area Studies '06
20"You will always learn by doing."
– Nancy Parfitt Hondros, Marketing '76
21"When taking SEPTA home for the weekend, don't leave your bag of dirty laundry on the luggage rack. It won't be turned in to lost and found."
– Robert Hessler, Computer Science '88
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