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Joy Springer Class: 2002
The only regrets in life are the risk you don't take.
Harold Schnabel Class: MBA 60
Never become discouraged. You may not always receive offers. Keep your spirits up and be optimistic. As Jim Valvano said, "never give up"
Jeff Spence Class: 2009
When you go into any situation, do it with confidence in your abilities. Know what you can do better than anyone else and use it to your advantage. However, don't be afraid to admit when you don't have the answer. Be sure to know how to find it, though. Good luck and congratulations!
Jordan Schneider Class: 2010
Look to your networks! Think of people you have met throughout your 4 or 5 years at Drexel - past professors, guest lecturers, presidents of clubs or organizations - and then ask for help. Stay connected with people you have met in your personal and professional networks and make it known what you are looking for. The Drexel community will be supportive and helpful for you!
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