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Kevin Laukaitis Class: 2009
Don't settle for the first job offer you receive just because the economy is bad. Have confidence in your job search and interviews. You are a valuable commodity. Don't underestimate Craigslist! Legitimate companies are using it as a free platform to advertise good jobs. If you can afford to, take an unpaid internship in a field that is very difficult to enter out out of school. It could lead to paying opportunities. Degrees will follow you throughout your career. Grad School should be an option for everyone as long as you are smart about debt. Consider part-time evening graduate programs that allow you to work full-time. Study hard for entrance exams to better your prospects. Good luck!
Richard Linton Class: 1965
Keep your focus on careers in engineering and science. These are the jobs that will keep the US competitive in the 21st century.
Erica Leeds Class: 2009
Be proud of your past, and reach for the stars in future endeavors!
JT Lawlor Class: 1969 C&E
No doubt you are looking forward to enjoying that new income level, (hopefully soon and substantial!) Becoming comfortably well informed about numerous areas of Personal Finance is Now Critical for you. From all the forms (and choices beyond paying off loans) to be completed upon starting a career position, to starting your Retirement investment portfolio, and housing and life-style budgets, etc.; now is a good time to learn and know how to make the Most of your incomes and investments. Bon Fortune! JTL
Shan Ju Lin Class: 2010
If you are moving to Chicago, please feel free to contact the Chicago alumni network administrator Shan. We are in the process of building a network here. There is about 800 alumni in the area that we are in the process of connecting to. We will be happy to help someone get situated here in Chicago. All you need to do is ask! Good luck!--Shan
Jonathan Liss Class: 1979
Always be kind and respectful - maintain a positive attitude. Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask - the worst thing that can happen is that the answer will be "no." Network, network, network - not just with individuals in your field. I've found that people are usually happy and willing to help others, whether it be job search-related or otherwise. Congratulations and good luck!!
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