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Richard Krum Class: 68 & 72
Immediately, plan to obtain a Master's degree in a specific field. Do not delay in obtaining it. My Master's Degree in Applied Mechanics brought all the undergraduate education together and provided depth in several new areas. This resulted in significant job opportunities, salary levels, a positive feeling about oneself and respect from both industry and academia. The academia part was being a member on the Advisory Board for Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma University. With respect to your undergraduate degree, do not be surprised that your professional life may focus on a subject area that you only had average interest. My interests were always dynamics of systems and mathematics. I had little interest in fluid mechanics. My professional life has been largely in the field of fluid dynamics with mathematics forming a foundation in computational fluid mechanics. Also, keep learning, reading and exercising all your life. Three years ago I started learning the, piano because I love music and also wanted to exercise my brain. I wish you all the best of luck. Best Regards, Dick
Louisa Kopp Class: 2008
Meet new people and make connections wherever you go. Be involved in your community and your workplace - volunteer to go the extra mile whenever you can because it will pay off later. Learn about managing your personal finances and begin saving as soon as you can. Don't make big purchases until you're sure you can handle them.
Shelley Kardon Class: 1984
Congratulations! My advice is to enjoy what you do no matter what it is. You will be successful at anything that you enjoy! Also, always be professional and work hard!
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