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Robert Hessler Class: 1988
Where your career takes you is, to a large degree, a product of fate, luck, circumstance: things beyond your control. So focus on what you DO hard you work, where you spend your effort, the people with whom you are associated. Assuming that you gather as much information as you can, and act with a clear head, don't regret decisions that you make. Keep learning about anything and everything, as you never know when you'll be able to use a nugget of seemingly useless information.
Maureen Hogan Lake Class: 2007
Do not be afraid to change careers! Just becasue you received your degree in one filed, it doesn't mean that you can't change your mind.
Sondra Halperin Cholach Class: 1987
After 25 years, I finally found my first use for transform matrices! Everything you do and learn - your successes and failures - these will all come together someday and have great meaning for you. Until then, enjoy life, make sure you save some money each paycheck, and never hold a balance on a credit card - unless you get a zero percent interest rate.
Lester Helmus Class: 1952
1. Fine tune that resume, especially your coop experiences; focus them towards that ultimate career job choice. 2. Keep a log of new learnings; visit it often. 3. An effective resume, along with an effective interview technique go a long way in getting that desired job.
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