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Pete Grice Class: 1970
Congratulations on completing your undergraduate work at Drexel. It is exciting to be venturing out into the world with all of the skills and knowledge and training you received at DU. The first year or 2 will give you a chance to further test what your career goals will be. Keep your options open. If you are planning to go on to graduate level work, hold off for a couple of years to be sure of your goals, and also the extra work experience will help define your additional academic objectives. I did that. After graduating in 1970, I didn't start my MBA until 1972 and I was better equipped to understand the business topics of the day. If you are in the business world, consider joining the AMA, American Management Association, or American Marketing Association, and by all means begin your networking activities within your chosen industry. Again Congrats and Good Luck. Pete Grice, CoE 1970
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