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Alyssa Thorsen Class: 2008
Stay in touch with people from your past- you never know who they'll become in the future.
Robert Hessler Class: 1988
Where your career takes you is, to a large degree, a product of fate, luck, circumstance: things beyond your control. So focus on what you DO hard you work, where you spend your effort, the people with whom you are associated. Assuming that you gather as much information as you can, and act with a clear head, don't regret decisions that you make. Keep learning about anything and everything, as you never know when you'll be able to use a nugget of seemingly useless information.
Joy Springer Class: 2002
The only regrets in life are the risk you don't take.
Suzanne Anderson Class: 2006
Be open to all options. Many people end up in fulfilling careers that are not in the same field as their college degree. Learn all you can at every opportunity!
Jesse Mark Class: 2012
People are people are people.
Kevin Laukaitis Class: 2009
Don't settle for the first job offer you receive just because the economy is bad. Have confidence in your job search and interviews. You are a valuable commodity. Don't underestimate Craigslist! Legitimate companies are using it as a free platform to advertise good jobs. If you can afford to, take an unpaid internship in a field that is very difficult to enter out out of school. It could lead to paying opportunities. Degrees will follow you throughout your career. Grad School should be an option for everyone as long as you are smart about debt. Consider part-time evening graduate programs that allow you to work full-time. Study hard for entrance exams to better your prospects. Good luck!
Richard Linton Class: 1965
Keep your focus on careers in engineering and science. These are the jobs that will keep the US competitive in the 21st century.
Neha Yadav Class: 2008
Stop and give yourself time to truly think about what you want to accomplish in your life, more than what type of job you want to have. Think about the life you want to have and what you want to accomplish in the long run.
Diane McNitt Class: 1980
You all should be very proud of yourselves. Congratulations! To this day I am thrilled I was a Design & Merchandising major - the best of both worlds which I have used in my 30+ year marketing career. Drexel is a tough university. If you can survive and thrive at Drexel, you can do so anywhere! Always have a mentor and then be one. Present yourself in a professional manner by the way you dress, speak and act. First impressions still count! Continue to learn and surround yourself with interesting people. Be who God meant you to be no matter how weird, how impossible, and how crazy. When you look back on your life you don't want to say "I should have done this or that."
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