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All I Really Need to Know
I Learned at Drexel

366 Life Lessons by Drexel Alumni

As part of Drexel's Year of the Dragon, the Alumni Association is sharing a list of 366 life lessons (2012 is a leap year) that our alumni learned at Drexel.

Drexel alumni were asked to submit their life lessons, sharing that everything they really needed to know, they learned at Drexel.

Share your own life lesson today, and then check-out the life lessons your fellow alumni have shared below.


All I Really Need to Know I Learned at Drexel ...
1"To paraphrase from iSchool's Dr. Song, 'There is a solution to every problem, your challenge is to find it!"
– Wayne Wu, Business Administration '04, Information Systems '04
2 "I learned how to work smart!"
– Elizabeth Reese Hebeler, Retail Management '57
3 "Don't be afraid to speak up and question what you are learning, an open dialogue often ends in both sides expanding their understanding."
– Ira Taffer, Chemistry '79, '83
4 "A 'real' job is nothing more than endless co-op."
– Katherine Helmetag, Chemistry '94
5 "Life is short – you need to treat people right and enjoy every day."
– Leslie Spangler Barr, Biological Sciences '98
6 "To paraphrase Einstein – Ability to communicate effectively is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Communications encircle the world."
– Ed Kutler, Commerce & Engineering, LeBow '46
7 "As one ages, one must be constantly on guard to avoid being afflicted by hardening of the categories."
– Jim Palmer, Electrical Engineering, Goodwin '69
8 "$30 worth of pizza can buy a million dollars worth of loyalty. (Triangle staff got free pizza on production nights. As a supervisor I found that springing for a couple of pies when my people were working late paid dividends far in excess of what I paid out.)"
– Kevin Cunnion, Accounting, LeBow '76
9 "I learned to listen (listen to professors, listen to friends, listen to fellow students, and to those who appeared before me when I served as Chief Justice of the Student Court of Review). Today I am an attorney still listening (and then acting)."
– Jeffrey Gans, Accounting, LeBow '78
10 "Just because no one else is asking questions, don't be reluctant to ask one yourself. You will probably find that everyone else that is present is waiting for someone else to ask the same question."
– Jack Kenton, Electrical Engineering '60, Industrial Engineering '72
11 "Balance fun and work/study. Too much fun and you won't be a success, too much work/study and you'll be ... boring!"
– Scott Bracy, Finance '87, MBA '92
12 "My ambition to become a fashion designer or buyer was soon put to rest after only one co-op experience. My stints at Strawbridge and Clothier and Gimbel's made me realize that field wasn't for me. I changed my major to education."
– Catherine Black Miller, Home Economics '56
13 "Hard work pays off. If you put your mind to doing something you can achieve success."
– Leslie Spangler Barr, Biological Sciences '98
14 "'Drexel wouldn't give me a degree in cheerleading and sorority.' This was a quote from my wonderful faculty advisor, Marty Weinberg. The concept presented with the perfect degree of sarcasm to get my attention, that I had to work to achieve success. Something so basic in life that had eluded my very immature self up to that point!"
– Sonia Lipetz, Business Administration '70
15 "I co-oped for 4 years at Teleregister one of the first computer manufacturers. I observed all departments of a company from Production and Field Service to R&D. Although I went on to spend 50 years as a researcher and professor in the field of microelectronics, the practical Drexel co-op experience prepared me to guide students about the business world, particularly of hi-tech companies. Dean Disque's reading program was good preparation for living in the intellectual community of Princeton."
– Roy Cornely, Electrical Engineering '60
16 "Learning what you don't want to do with your career is just as important as learning what you do want to do."
– Michael Magruder, Business Administration '84
17 "It's no myth that a Drexel dragon can compete anywhere!"
– Steven Helmetag, Business Administration '85

"Don't be afraid to get involved, you never know how many doors will open just by knocking."
– Katelyn Wolfrom, Library and Information Sciences '09

19 "Network and establish as many relationships as possible. You never know what connection will help you or open a door for you."
– John Bernat, Sports Management '10

"Always go for the free stuff!"
– Angelo Vacirca, Accounting '04

21 "Time management, teamwork, having hope and setting realistic goals."
– Carvon Johnson, Commerce and Engineering '85
22 "Remember, Chestnut Street is one way, but Market Street is not."
– Ira Taffer, Chemistry '79, '83
23 "You can't possibly know everything. But pulling people's individual talents and knowledge together will give you the tools to be successful. Build your network."
– Sharon Fahnestock, Interior Design '01
24 "Quarters are actually 'greater' than thirds."
– Vince Roth, Business Administration '02
25 "As life is full of unavoidable multifaceted challenges, embrace them and take them on one at a time. With proper focus, your Drexel University education and your own resolve, you will master most difficult situations. Learn how to eat and enjoy the fruits of your efforts."
– Paul A. Shafer, Finance '77
26 "How to parallel park in a spot that is as little as 6 inches longer than your car...and the meaning and purpose of compressible bumpers."
– Fran Antolina Bickel, Marketing '80
27 "I learned to never judge people. There are so many different kinds of people in this world and everyone has a unique set of talents and ways of thinking. Give people the benefit of the doubt unless they prove otherwise. Zig Ziglar 'If you help enough people get what they want, you'll have everything you'll ever need.'"
– Victor Patalano, Marketing '82
28 "How to order, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese ... food."
– Ira Taffer, Chemistry '79, '83
29 "Overcoming obstacles (Drexel shaft & financial challenges as a college student) while persevering towards the goal (graduate, start a career, and be a mentor)."
– Carvon Johnson, Commerce and Engineering '85
30 "Give and take. ENDOWMENTS support EDUCATION!"
– Ajarat Bada, Nursing '08
31 "I was better prepared for executive training at Provident Bank (now PNC) than ANY of the others selected, thanks to Drexel."
– Frank Claus, Finance '61
1"I learned how to multi-task, how to time manage, and how to be a dynamo teacher, as I learned from the examples of my outstanding professors."
– Leslie Spangler Barr, Biological Sciences '98
2"Yes you can – and a true Dragon will."
– Jacqui Frederico Baughman, Psychology '87
3"1. Potassium metal and ethanol don't mix. 2. How to use a fire extinguisher."
– Ira Taffer, Chemistry '79, '83
4"Attending a predominately male university had its benefits. I was the only female in my freshman writing class."
– "Suzanne Minassian Sherenian, Early Childhood Education '78
5"It's almost 50 years later and I'm a state away and I still find that my degree from Drexel has made a difference. I still hear an 'ahhh' when I say where I learned my library profession. It is admired and respected."
– Eleanor Silverstein Block, Library Science '68
6"Persistence, determination and a never-say-die attitude can help you overcome adversity and lead you to success and happiness!"
– John Monsul, Retail Marketing '53
7"Question everything, learn all the facts, analyze from multiple angles, and decide for yourself."
– Ingrid Larsen-Silva, Graphic Design '11
8"I learned how to recite the Greek alphabet three times before a match burnt out 'Alpha, Beta...'"
– Mark Cooper, Hotel Restaurant & Institutional Management '91
9"What I learned at Drexel was to give back to my university and community the willingness to volunteer my time and experience to benefit others."
– James Kochenour, Civil Engineering '70, '77
10"Never let yourself be beaten down by persons or events."
– Marvin Rudolph, Chemistry '67, '71
11"Co-op is great. The absolute worst thing that can happen is you find 3 jobs that you don't want after graduation."
– Mark Petri, Mechanical Engineering '79
12"I learned that 7-11 microwavable burritos only taste good at 2 a.m. after an evening at the Jailhouse or Doc Watson's!"
– James Mirabile, P.E., Electrical Engineering '87
13"No matter where you end up in life after Drexel, the Dragon can always find you and bring you back for more."
– Renata Maslowski, EMBA '03
14"Although I did not realize it at the time, Drexel prepared me for life – not just via an education in class, but with real life co-op work experiences."
– Lawrence Lehmann, Civil Engineering '72
15"For entrepreneurs, it is good to fail, and to fail often. But don't give up."
– Scott Feldman, MBA '88
16 "I learned the joys of food truck dining."
– Ira Taffer, Chemistry '79, '83
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