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3 Reasons to Pursue Social Responsibility
March 2011

It's an important, yet often forgotten, aspect of corporate success. It's so important that some companies actually list it
as part of their purpose or values. It's a way of making the world a better place. I'm talking about social responsibility.

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Social responsibility is the idea that companies should strive to make the world a better place. Although it can include their products and services, social responsibility also means contributing to society's welfare outside of those products and services.

The concept means everything from supporting charitable causes to delivering products and services that are environmentally friendly. No matter how you define it, you should look at how you fulfill your social responsibility.

I can think of three reasons you should pursue social responsibility.

The first is that it's the right thing to do. We all share an obligation to make the world a better place, to treat people
with dignity and respect, to help those who are less fortunate than we are.

Social responsibility is good for society and the world in general, and it's good for us as individuals. It makes us feel
good, when we do the right thing.

The second reason is perhaps more selfish. Social responsibility helps us get ourselves and our employees more
engaged in our work, because it ties into a sense of purpose. We as leaders should emphasize purpose, and social
responsibility is yet another “noble cause.”

Previous columns address the importance of purpose, so here I'll just say that people are more engaged when they see themselves, and the work they do, as contributing to something bigger than themselves.

That's why your business, your part of the organization, even your team, needs to have a purpose that inspires people. So, social responsibility, making a significant contribution outside of the actual work, is another way of helping employees feel engaged.

The third reason is the most selfish, and will appeal to those of you who think the first two reasons are too touchy-feely: Social Responsibility can generate great publicity, which will help get your company message out. This publicity can generate lots of business.

I prefer the first two reasons, that social responsibility, such as contributing to charitable causes, is the right thing to do; and it helps us see the bigger picture, and is part of a Noble Purpose.

What will you do to promote the greater good for society and the world?

Don't forget to check out Roll for Hope. It's a great cause, and will be a ton of fun!

Until next edition, keep leading the way!

Copyright (C) 2011 by Terry Wall