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Alumni Constituent Organization Grants

The Drexel University Alumni Board of Governors has established an Alumni Constituent Organization Grants Program to provide financial support to recognized alumni organizations.

The Board evaluates funding proposals and provides financial support for activities hosted by recognized Alumni Constituent Organizations including geographic alumni clubs, college/school-based alumni associations and other cultural and special interest alumni groups.

Click here to download the Alumni Constituent Organization Grants Program Policy and Requirements.

The Executive Committee of the Drexel University Alumni Association Board of Governors reviews all funding proposals. Proposals must be submitted in writing in advance of the program. Requirements of the proposal include:

  • Overview of proposed program to include program goals and objectives, expected attendance and composition of intended audience
  • Outline of proposed publicity plan
  • Summary of projected program revenues and expenses
  • Suggested partnership opportunities to promote Alumni Association programs and services

In addition, the proposal must include a narrative that demonstrates how the program will support one or more of the strategic initiatives of the Alumni Association as outlined below:

  • Strengthens and expands alumni outreach to the broadest cross-section of alumni or to a strategically targeted segment of the alumni constituency
  • Strengthens and expands the interaction between alumni and students and increases the Alumni Association’s visibility among students
  • Strengthens and expands the number of meaningful opportunities for campus collaboration and partnerships
  • Strengthens and expands the number of leadership roles and volunteer opportunities at Drexel that engage alumni in the life of the university
  • Creates a greater awareness of the Alumni Association and your alumni constituent group
  • Promotes the Alumni Association as a relevant and integral part of the university community

All grant requests must be aligned with Drexel University and Drexel University Alumni Association policies.  Grant requests for programs involving current students must also be aligned with the policies of the Office of Student Life and the Office of Campus Activities and must adhere to all university policies on student programming and events.  Programs involving alcoholic beverages will not be funded if Drexel students will be in attendance.  Funding will also not be approved for alumni travel, speaker fees or honoraria.  Grants will not be funded for events and programs that have already taken place.

Grants can be requested up to a maximum of $2,500 per event per organization.  However, the Executive Committee may consider funding requests above the maximum for special programs.

Grant funding will not be provided directly to the Alumni Constituent Organization.  All program revenues must be collected by the Office of Alumni Relations and used to off-set the program’s expenses before the grant funding is applied.  All expenses for the program will be paid by the Office of Alumni Relations before the grant funding is applied.  All programs funded with a grant must break-even.  Invoices and receipts must be submitted no later than three (3) weeks from the date of the event or from the date of approval for other expenses, such as printing, postage, etc.  Any future funding for the applicant group will be contingent upon the accurate documentation and timely submission of all invoices and receipts. 

Click here to download the Alumni Constituent Organization Grants Program Funding Request Form.

Alumni Constituent Organizations approved for grant funding must complete a Final Project Report within two (2) weeks after the conclusion of the program. Any future funding for the applicant group will be contingent upon accurate completion and timely submission of the report to the Alumni Association.

Click here to download the Alumni Constituent Organization Grants Program Final Project Report.

Policy & Requirements Funding Request Form Final Project Report