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Employee Development Series

Human Resources offers a comprehensive employee development series that was designed to develop and enhance the professional and interpersonal skills of the University's professional staff.  These valuable workshops provide opportunities for improving performance within client-dedicated areas while reinforcing the University's shared values. The sessions are open to all non-managerial professional staff. 

Course descriptions for workshops are listed below.  Please visit Career Pathway for dates, times, and locations and to register for a session.

Please Note: Employees are strongly encouraged to check with their supervisors before registering for any sessions.  Scheduling and online registration of courses for the Employee Development Series will be available on a quarterly basis.


To register for a session, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log in to DrexelOne
  2. Select the Employees tab
  3. Select Career Pathway under the Development and Certifications header
  4. Use the Events Calendar under the Learning tab to find a session
  5. Select the Request button to register

Course Listings

Asserting Your Needs

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

This workshop is intended primarily for professional staff. The program is designed to build understanding of the importance and benefits of asserting one’s needs. This program identifies work situations where speaking up is crucial to the professional well-being of the individual. Participants are given an opportunity to practice assertiveness in difficult situations.

Building Cross-Cultural Bridges

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

Today’s workplace is made up of individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds, education, social status, experiences, and levels of expertise - yet we all have something to offer. Successful organizations understand that it is the responsibility of leaders and employees alike to help create an environment that allows the skills, knowledge, and abilities of everyone to be utilized to their fullest potential. Harnessing the power inherent in our collective talents and perspectives enables us to create an environment of inclusion that will allow the University to fulfill its mission of becoming a global leader in higher education.

Change Versus Transition: Helping Students Cope

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

This workshop is intended to help participants understand how change and transition affect individuals, with a focus on how they can help Drexel students cope with the changes and transitions in their lives. Participants will use a three-phase model to identify strategies for supporting students through change and transition.

Communicating Clearly

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

Words can be confusing when used improperly. This program was designed to assess current communication skills, identify why clear communication is a necessity in the workplace, clarify the difference between reacting and responding, and enhance ownership of communication with others.

Creative Problem Solving

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

Solving problems in a creative manner can be the key to a more productive and satisfactory career for employees and managers. Problem solving begins with a perception of a need for change or a sense that something is not quite right. It is an art as much as it is a process. This program will enable participants to learn and apply concepts and techniques related to an integrated approach to creative problem solving.

Effective Email Communications

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

This program is designed for use in all areas that engage in electronic communication. Participants will learn to organize and express their thoughts clearly using the appropriate tools and formats available, select the appropriate style and format for the intended reader, and edit their writing to create professional, electronic communication.

Resolving Conflict and Shifting Gears

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

This program defines and identifies types of conflict, the different methods people choose to deal with it, and what we can do to move forward when we find ourselves "stuck" in a relationship. Participants will receive helpful tools and resources on resolving conflict and shifting gears, which can help build bridges instead of putting up walls in workplace relationships.

Take Control of Your Inbox

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

This workshop is intended for anyone who would like to learn how to more effectively manage email. It includes an overview of Drexel’s policy on email, provides clear guidelines on how to select which emails to keep or delete, introduces two email management strategies, and provides demonstrations of specific Outlook tools that can help you manage your inbox.

Taking Initiative: Demonstrating Everyday Leadership

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

This program seeks to broaden the participant's understanding of the relationship between taking initiative and leadership. The focus of the course is to raise awareness of how participants can take the initiative lead in their current roles.

Time Management

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

This program is for anyone who wants more out of life, at work, and at home. Time management is a process of constantly asking what is more important and arranging priorities to reflect each choice. This class is designed to help strengthen skills in the areas of prioritization and organization.

Understanding Others

Estimated classroom time: 3 hours

This training program assists participants in assessing and improving their interpersonal skills by helping them to see the difference between “labeling” and understanding people, listening for understanding, and finding and using alternate methods for dealing with difficult people.