Incoming Freshmen

The Honors Program welcomes an incoming Freshmen class to our program each year through an online application process. Successful applicants are students who have a proven record of strong academic performance, co-curricular engagement, leadership, and an interest in interdisciplinary studies throughout their time in high school, and aspire to similar challenges while at Drexel University.

Following is the application procedure to the Honors Program. Any questions about the application process itself should be directed to your Undergraduate Admissions Counselor. Any questions about the Honors Program or Honors Program admission decisions should be directed to, or 215-895-1609.

  1. APPLY to Drexel University using the Common Application
    Make sure to indicate your interest in the Honors Program by selecting “yes” when asked if you wish to be considered.
  2. COMPLETE and SUBMIT an Honors Program Supplemental Application
    Drexel applicants who have indicated interest in the Honors Program on the Common Application will be emailed a link to the Honors Program Supplemental Application within 3-5 days of Common Application submission.
  3. KNOW the deadlines
  4. The Honors Program Supplemental Application OPENS on October 1, 2015
    Early Action applicants should submit a completed Honors Program Supplemental Application by November 5, 2015
    • Regular Decision Applicants should submit a completed Honors Program Supplemental Application by January 20, 2015
  5. UNDERSTAND the process
    Honors Program applications are reviewed by a select committee of Honors Program partners. Each application is read at least twice; reviewers are looking for students who would be a good fit for what the Honor Program offers. We utilize a “holistic review” of each application, so that students are evaluated on multiple areas including academic achievement, engagement, leadership, and intellectual potential.
  6. RECEIVE your decision
    Honors Program decisions will be sent to applicants with their Drexel University application decision.