Incoming Freshmen

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Deadlines and Decisions

There are four application review periods for Honors Program applicants (indicated in the chart below). Students who submit their completed application by a due date (listed below) will receive a decision from the Honors Program Admissions Committee by the  specified notification date.

2015 Schedule

To be considered for the Honors Program students must first be admitted to Drexel University. Certain students,  with superior academic records, standardized test scores and other evidence of accomplishment may automatically be invited to join the Honors Program—those students need not apply directly to the Honors Program and should refer to their University acceptance letter for further instructions. 

Application Instructions

The Honors Program considers myriad criteria when reviewing incoming student applications. These criteria include academic performance, co-curricular involvement, leadership potential, and interest in interdisciplinary studies. In addition to the information you will provide on the electronic application, we ask you prepare several required documents to make your application complete.

Required Materials


Please prepare a full-page, double-spaced essay (roughly 300 words) on the topic below. Please include your name and Drexel ID# as a header on this document. This word document will be uploaded to your online application.

Describe an Honors seminar that you would create. What is the title of the course? Describe the course subject area and why it interests you. What will students learn in this course and why is the subject important to a general audience?

Standardized Test Scores

The Honors Program does not have an SAT or ACT School Code. Rather, we simply ask that you send a screen shot of your best scores and upload them to the application. Please be sure that your name is visible on the screen shot so that we might verify that they are your scores.

Notes: All application materials must be received by the application deadline for an application to be considered complete for review. If an application is missing materials it will be bumped to the next deadline until final materials are received. It is up to the prospective student to contact the Honors Program to find out if his/her application is considered complete.