Why Choose Honors?

Top 10 Reasons Why you should join the Drexel Honors Program

10.) It’s a great way to get involved on campus, meet people, and explore the city

9.)  We offer an Honors Living-Learning Community in Millennium Hall

8.)  You have access to the Honors Lounge: study space, computers and printing

7.)  You can become a leader through the Honors Student Advisory Committee 
       or the Honors Mentor Program

6.)  You can use your Priority Registration to schedule a 4-day class schedule

5.)  Honors Courses are small discussion-based classes with unique and popular topics

4.)  You’ll have access to free tickets to concerts, shows, and even Philly sports games

3.)  You’ll get help and guidance from the best staff on campus

2.)  You can travel nationally and internationally as part of an Honors course
       Examples include: New Orleans, Bulgaria, and China

1.)  You can Graduate with Distinction – the highest Honor at Drexel