Melanie Jeske

Melanie Jeske

Major: B.S. Environmental Studies/ B.S. Economics
Expected Graduation: 2015
Hometown: Bloomsburg, PA

Drexel Activities:

I am the Events Chair of the Honors Student Advisory Committee, a STAR Scholar, a member of the Sierra Club, Drexel Green, Earth Week Planning Committee, Drexel Economic Society, LeBow’s DSAB (Dean’s Student Advisory Board), and the Philanthropy Club of Millennium Hall.

Thoughts on the Honors Program:

There are really interesting and fun events that are only open to Honors students, so when you attend these events you meet other students with whom you already have something in common. In the fall of your freshman year, you take an Honors seminar class which is a one-credit course taught by a professor from any subject or department at Drexel. My class was taught by Dr. Arye Rosen, a biomedical engineering professor. As a non-engineering student, I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy the class. It ended up being a really interesting course with a relaxed environment. We were able to approach Dr. Rosen as a mentor instead of simply an instructor; it was beneficial for adjusting to college life.

Other than the Honors Seminar class, I haven’t had the opportunity to enroll in another Honors course yet, but I have made a few classes into “Honors Options.” I really enjoy this option because it allows me to take a class with course material that I am interested in and add new depth to the material by creating an enrichment project. In the fall, I made my economics course ‘Honors’ by writing an analysis on historical economists. Not only was the project something I enjoyed working on, but it also provided additional insight into the theory and principles we were learning in class.

Lastly, I really enjoy having the Honors Lounge and Honors staff members who connect with students. Advisors can sometimes be inconsistent with returning emails, and providing advice, but I always find that I can talk to the Honors staff about questions or concerns. I find that both the Honors staff and students are an additional support system. Living in a community with students who are serious about their studies encourages a culture of learning. I love living in the Honors residence hall and being surrounded by students who are much like me when it comes to study habits.