Genymphas Higgs

Genymphas Higgs

Major: B.S./M.S. Biomedical Engineering
Expected Graduation: 2013
Hometown: Freeport, Grand Bahama

Drexel Activities:

I’ve participated with STAR, volunteered as a Lindy Scholars Program Advisor, acted as the Vice-President of the West Indian Student Establishment, sang in the Drexel University Gospel Choir, and joined the National Society for Black Engineers.

Thoughts on the Honors Program:

Philadelphia is incredibly different from where I grew up, and attending Honors Events has been an excellent way of seeing what the city has to offer. I have the Honors Program to thank for getting me to my first NBA, NHL and MLB games, first ballet, first opera and first off-Broadway musical. But my personal favorite was a trip to New York City to see The Lion King on Broadway. The best part of Honors Events is that they’re all free of charge!

My freshman Honors course (HNRS 200) was actually my favorite class during my first year. It centered on the U.S. Constitution and we studied Supreme Court cases that dealt with the protections and freedoms derived from the Bill of Rights. It was the most unique class that I’ve taken so far because unlike my engineering classes, it was heavily discussion based. It also gave me some insight into what the judicial process is like, and challenged me to consider how minor changes in the case proceedings might have led to grossly different outcomes in these historic rulings.

With exclusive access to diverse Honors courses, early registration privileges, free Honor’s events, free printing (which is a lot more beneficial than you think), and a staff that’s always willing to help, the Honors Program is helping me to get the most out of my experience here at Drexel.