Student Profiles

Get to know some of the Honors Students

  • Brian Leung
    Brian Leung

    Major: B.S. Chemistry with Biology Minor
    Expected Graduation: 2011

    If you are looking for benefits, you’ve got it here; if you are looking for culture immersion, you’ve got it here; if you are looking for support, once again, you’ve got it here. The only structured program that gives you access to Philadelphia and a system where... Read More.

  • Carol John
    Carol John

    Major: B.A. International Area Studies (IAS)
    Expected Graduation: 2011

    I’ve benefitted greatly from the free events, Honors courses, and everything that Honors has to offer. The free events and tickets have helped me to develop my taste for culture. I’ve learned that virtually anything put on by the Wilma Theater is memorable... Read More.

  • Melanie Jeske
    Melanie Jeske

    Major: B.S. Environmental Studies/ B.S. Economics
    Expected Graduation: 2015

    There are really interesting and fun events that are only open to Honors students, so when you attend these events you meet other students with whom you already have something in common. In the fall of your freshman year, you take an Honors seminar class... Read More.

  • Genymphas Higgs
    Genymphas Higgs

    Major: B.S./M.S. Biomedical Engineering
    Expected Graduation: 2013

    Philadelphia is incredibly different from where I grew up, and attending Honors Events has been an excellent way of seeing what the city has to offer. I have the Honors Program to thank for getting me to my first NBA, NHL and MLB games, first ballet... Read More.

  • Graham Donaldson
    Graham Donaldson

    Major: B.S./M.S. in Mechanical Engineering – concentration in Aerospace and Robotics
    Expected Graduation: 2014

    There are too many great things about the Honors Program than I can list now. Overall, I’d say that the best benefits of being a member of the Honors Program are early registration, Honors activities... Read More.