Honors Options

Honors Students registered for a non-Honors course (300 or 400 level ONLY) at Drexel can enrich the class by requesting to complete an additional research, writing, or special project in the course. To pursue this option, the student must work with the instructor to develop an assignment that is worthy of Honors credit.

As the instructor, you have the authority to accept or decline a request for an Honors Option.  Likewise, you may also decline to approve a project if you consider the final product to be unsatisfactory.

Below you will find a set of resources that you may find helpful as you work with students to develop an Honors Option project.

If you have any questions regarding Honors Options, please contact Carly Meluney, Assistant Director of the Honors Program, at 215-571-4134 or cad336@drexel.edu.


Faculty ChecklistPDF


Guidelines, Deadlines, and Request Form PDF