Honors Program Events Policy

Ticket Sign-Ups

  • Available to Honors Program students only
  • Ticket sign-ups begin on Ticket Day (doors open at 9 a.m. on second Tuesday of each term)
  • Available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • $20 cash refundable deposit for each Honors student per event
  • Each student can sign up one additional Honors student per event

Ticket Pick-Ups

  • Available to Honors Program students only
  • Initial for each ticket picked up
  • Tickets must be picked up within three business days prior to event
  • Unclaimed tickets will be offered to students on wait list, and deposits will be forfeited


  • $20 cash refundable deposit for each Honors student per event
  • Initial for each deposit picked up
  • Refunds given for cancellations made within three days prior to event date
  • Deposits returned up to one full week after event date with proof of attendance
  • Proof of attendance includes program booklets and digital photos of students at event

Honors Events

  • Available to Honors Program students only, unless otherwise authorized
  • Faslifying information for Honors events will result in penalty
  • For more information, contact honorsprogram@drexel.edu

Notice of Events Rules and Expectations

All ticketed events are available to students of the Drexel University Honors Program on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are available to Honors students only-unless otherwise authorized by Honors Program Staff-and will be distributed approximately one week prior to each event. Students must sign up in the Pennoni Honors College Main Office (5016 MacAlister Hall), and leave a $20 cash refundable deposit for each Honors student on the list (unless otherwise advertised). Each student may sign up for no more than her/himself and one additional Honors student. If in doubt about availability, call or stop by the Honors Office. Also, be sure to regularly check your Drexel University e-mail and the Pennoni Honors College Events Calendar for additional programs and events.

Unless an emergency occurs (e.g., medical or family emergency accompanied by proof), refunds will not be given for student cancellations fewer than three (3) business days prior to the event. Tickets must be picked up at least three (3) business days prior to the event; otherwise, the ticket and deposit will be forfeited. The refundable deposit will be available for pick-up starting on the business day following the performance. Make sure to bring your program booklet and/or other proof of attendance (e.g., digital photos of yourself at the event) when picking up your deposit. If picking up a deposit for any Honors student friend(s), be prepared to provide photographic proof of everyone's attendance. Deposits must be picked up no later than one full week after the date of the event.

Honors events-both ticketed and non-ticketed-are offered as a benefit for members of the Honors Program. This service to students should be treated with honesty, respect, and adherence to all guidelines included in this notice. Any attempt to falsify information for the purpose of reserving and claiming tickets (including, but not limited to, illegitimately using the name, University ID number, and/or email address of other members of the Drexel University community to reserve tickets for Honors events) is a violation of Drexel University Conduct policy. Honors Program students who violate this policy will risk suspension from Honors events participation; suspension or expulsion from the Honors Program; and referral to the University Conduct Board.

For additional information regarding this "Notice of Events Rules and Expectations," e-mail the Honors Program Staff at honorsprogram@drexel.edu.