Zoltán Búzás, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Zoltan Buzas

Office: 3021-B MacAlister
Phone: 215.571.6762

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  • PhD, Political Science, Ohio State University, 2012
  • MA, Political Science and International Relations, University of Delaware, 2006 
  • BA, European Studies and International Relations, Babeş-Bolyai University (RO), 2004 


Zoltán Búzás earned his PhD at the Ohio State University in July 2012.  The unifying theme of his research - whether on international discord and cooperation, threat perception and threat inflation, or the evasion of legalized norms - is the role of race in international politics.  More generally, his research interests include International Relations Theory, International Security, and International Law. Zoltán’s most recent publication is “The Color of Threat: Race, Threat Perception, and the Demise of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance (1902-1923),” Security Studies 22:4 (December 2013).

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