Joel Oestreich, PhD

Director of International Area Studies; Associate Professor

Joel Oestreich

Office: 2024 MacAlister
Phone: 215.895.6794

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  • BA, magna cum laude, History and Government, Cornell University, 1987
  • MPhil, International Relations, Oxford University, 1990
  • PhD, Political Science, Brown University, 2001


I am an associate professor of Political Science at Drexel University specializing in international relations. My primary areas of research include international organizations, international finance, development, and human rights. I have published two books: one on how U.N. agencies design and implement human rights policies, the other on the ability of international organizations to act independently on the international stage.  I have also published on the rights of indigenous peoples; the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child; and on the goals and impact of anti-globalization movements, among other topics.  Classes that I have taught include courses on international relations theory and practice, United States foreign policy, and ethical issues in international affairs.

My current research continues my interest in international organizations (IOs) and human rights. I have recently returned from a trip to India on a Fulbright fellowship, studying implementation of human rights based approaches to development.  An article on this is forthcoming from the journal Global Governance, and I am currently writing a book-length manuscript on human rights and development in India.

I am also the Director of the International Area Studies program at Drexel University.

When not teaching, reading, or writing, I enjoy rowing on the Schuylkill River and am a member of the Vesper Boat Club.


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