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Healthier U is a great initiative by Drexel University. It has provided me with ample opportunities to learn more about the Drexel community, nutrition options around campus and engage in the greater Drexel community. I love the myriad of events they offer from Rec Fest, Vendor and Merchant Fairs to speakers and workshops on mindfulness. Healthier U has helped me reach a better balance in my life. Thank you, Drexel and all the supporting staff for arranging all of these wonderful events and activities.

Shadman Sakib, Engineering Student


We decided to join the Healthier U Walking Club last Fall—just 30 minutes/ 2 x a week. Should have been a no brainer but it wasn’t. She was wearing an ankle support at the time and I have an old Achilles tendon injury. Also we’re 50+. Probably the odds of us sticking to this were less than 30%. Anyway, fast forward 6 months, everything has changed! We just kept showing up for the walks, mainly walking inside along the track at the Rec Center, at our own speed. We then joined the Healthier U Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge AND earned our sweatshirts for staying within the weight guidelines over the holidays. We told other people in the office about our successes and they noticed the bounce in our step. We recruited at least 7 people to join us at least 2 times for the walks. Some have continued. We earned ski hats. We’re now both full members of the Rec Center and have recruited people to join too. My friend, she’s now Zumba-ing and I’m planning a 5k walk. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep showing up; IT WORKS.

Marjorie B. and Eileen B.,
Office of Research Administration

Healthier U has provided the tools that have helped me to become more aware of the foods I eat. I have established better eating habits by incorporating more fruits and vegetables. I am learning to create healthy meals for myself and my family, and I am improving my lifestyle more every day.

My stress level has decreased because I am exercising now which is something I never did before; I am able to walk faster and longer. I sleep better and my overall quality of life has greatly improved. I feel fantastic; I am more focused and directed on things that matter.

When I feel good it shows in my actions, attitude, and my interaction with people. I am a generally happy and optimistic person. My actions and words affect people every day and I believe that I have a positive effect on people. I am more productive, I have better ideas, and I am even more dependable. People who know me know they can count on me.

Connie Gable
Student Life and Administrative Services

Through programs like the Drexel Walking Club, Colorful Choices, Great American Fitness Adventure, and Spring into Motion, A Healthier U has challenged me to start eating healthier and exercising more. It’s also given me access to a support network of colleagues, both inside and outside of my department (IRT), on whom I can rely for fitness advice, healthy meal ideas, or just some company for an afternoon walk at lunchtime. A Healthier U has enabled me to adopt a new mindset in which I am constantly striving for a happier, healthier, and more active lifestyle.

Julie Allmayer
Drexel University Information Resources & Technology

Participating in the many "A Healthier U" initiatives has given me opportunities for optimal physical health, empowered me to make more informed health decisions and has also made me feel more engaged with Drexel University. The variety of events and programs offered through this initiative makes participating fun and keeps me interested.

Trish Mahon
Office of the President

Each Tuesday and Thursday I lace up my sneakers and escape, in the middle of the work day, to join my walking buddies for thirty minutes. Most of us who spend eight hours at our desks often feel the stress and pressure of the day. Staying focused, determined, and committed in being the absolute best are traits all of us aspire to, yet none of these qualities can be sustained without assistance. The Walking Club represents Drexel’s commitment to a “Healthier U“– in the most practical way.

The walk provides a welcome break, and is an activity that brings together a variety of staff who enjoy walking, discussing, exercising, and learning about colleagues, their families, and their workplace.

The brisk walks and the educational series of talks that are conducted by the Healthier U department instill to some extent the motivation that I need. They lift the spirit and restore my energy—just when I need it the most!

Thank You to the Walking Club and Healthier U Department!

Anoo Sukhia
Printing and Mailing

I participated in the first web-based fitness challenge and have been advocating for the Healthier U program ever since. I used to go to the gym once or twice a week. As a result of the Healthier U incentives, I started going four to five times a week and that schedule stuck. Not only do I look and feel better, but the challenges have really brought the law school folks together to work as a team. Deans, professors, and staff from all departments work together and we get really into it. The fitness challenges have become so popular that we now have to split into two teams. We may even need a third soon. Fitness is contagious. I love it!

Dana Duggan
Kline School of Law

I joined the Walking Club sponsored by A Healthier U just to get a little more exercise. It’s become something that I look forward to on Tuesdays and Thursdays as a really good break, a way to clear my head, and a place to enjoy some pleasant conversations. Attending the Walking Club even became one of my personal development goals. The other programs I’ve participated in, like Chair Yoga, have been enlightening as well as fun. Everyone should try out A Healthier U’s programs and workshops because they are always well-presented and relevant.

Liz Delany
Drexel University Printing & Mailing Services