Health Services Administration Career Opportunities

 Because the need for healthcare has been increasing at enormous rates, this increase has generated a need for additional health services administrators and a growing interest in the field. Today, the opportunities for health services administrators are vast and wide-ranging.

Graduates of the Health Services Administration Program are prepared to seek administrative or managerial positions in hospitals, clinics, managed care companies, health insurance companies, and health marketing firms, where a variety of duties are performed.

Health services administrators run hospitals including units and departments and other health care facilities, where these administrators manage staff and ensure that the health care needs of patients are met. As the cost of healthcare rises, health services administrators make sure that hospitals and clinics run efficiently and stay in business. As such, the administrators set budgets and keep track of how the money is spent, as well as stay abreast of shifts in economic and demographic trends.

Health services administrators also stay attuned to changes in healthcare, assess community health needs and ensure that the staff is aware of new developments, changes, and department needs. Furthermore, health services administrators make sure that: their organizations are ready to handle emergencies; that the buildings are safe, clean, and accessible to people with disabilities; and that equipment is in good working order.

In addition, some health services administrators run clinical departments and healthcare human-resource departments and are responsible for communicating policies and standards as a guide to professional behavior and practice. Health services administrators write activity reports, establish work schedules, and assign duties to staff. Health services administrators may manage the business affairs of medical group practices including performing daily business operations, billing, and managing the flow of patients. Moreover, health services administrators occupy managerial positions in health insurance companies and may also work in health marketing firms or as pharmaceutical representatives.