Health Services Administration Program

This minor is designed for students interested in preparing for careers in health services administration while pursing a major in another area. In addition, the curriculum can prepare students wishing to pursue graduate studies in health services administration, business administration, public health, and law.

Required Courses (25 Credits)

Course Course Title Credits
ECON 240 Economics of Healthcare Systems 4 credits
HSAD 310 Health Systems Administration 3 credits
HSAD 321 Healthcare Human Resources 3 credits
HSAD 322 Healthcare Law 3 credits
HSAD 330 Financial Management in Healthcare 3 credits
HSAD 210

HSAD 345
Health-Care Ethics  
Advanced Health-Care Ethics
3 credits

3 credits
HSAD 335 Healthcare Policy 3 credits
HSAD 340 Leadership and Management in Health Services 3 credits