Pathway to Health Professions Program

The Pathway to Health Professions curriculum leads to a Bachelor of Science as well as providing prerequisites that lead to any health science post-baccalaureate and graduate programs.

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The Pathway to Health Professions Program curriculum is unique in its incorporation of the natural sciences, health sciences, and clinical sciences. Students completing this curriculum are well prepared to pursue careers in a wide variety of health professions. The experience these students gain through their co-operative education greatly enhances their preparation for employment after graduation and for continuing their education through post-baccalaureate and graduate study.


The curriculum is a four-year course of study with one co-op experience, leading to a B.S. degree in health sciences. The curriculum is centered on courses in the natural sciences, health sciences, and clinical sciences, as well as elective courses in mathematics, humanities, and social sciences. Courses in clinical research (protocol design, research methods, data management, and governmental and regulatory issues) also are included. These courses are designed to give students a strong foundation in clinical research and to prepare them for possible employment in clinical research settings. The clinical research content of the curriculum also is appropriate for preparing students for post-baccalaureate and graduate studies in the health professions.

Transfer Students

Co-op opportunities may not be available to students who transfer more than 60 quarter (40 semester) credits.