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Pathway to Health Professions Program

Department of Health Sciences

The Pathway to Health Professions Program leads to a B.S. degree and enables students to fulfill all of the health science prerequisites for post-baccalaureate and graduate programs. This fully integrated program prepares students for careers in nursing, physician assistant studies, exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Courses in clinical research are also included, which give students a strong foundation in clinical research and prepares them for possible employment in clinical research settings.

If you are sure of a career in a health profession, and want to explore options, try this pathway.


Distinctive Features

Among the many features that distinguish Drexel University's Pathway to Health Professions Program are the following:

Drexel Co-op and HSCI

Co-op employment is a part of the Pathway to Health Professions curriculum. Drexel University has long been known for its co-operative education programs through which students mix periods of full-time, career-related employment with their studies. The co-operative experiences of the Pathway to Health Professions curriculum are directed toward activities that will expose students to the work environments of various health professionals. These work settings will provide students with the opportunity to observe health professionals at work and to assess their own potentials for undertaking such patient-focused careers.


The Pathway to Health Professions Program has a dedicated faculty, with much experience in health professions education. Members of the faculty currently teach students in many of the undergraduate and graduate programs of the College of Nursing and Health Professions. Some members of the faculty also teach medical and graduate students in the Drexel University College of Medicine. With these experiences, the faculty members are well equipped to advise students in their pursuit of health professions careers.

Accelerated-Degree Options

Dual-degree students spend their first three years in the Pathway to Health Professions Program while completing the prerequisite courses for the respective majors. During their junior year, students apply to the MHS/DPT program.