Advanced Study Certificate in Integrative Addiction Therapies

Graduate Certificate Program

Substance use disorders are among this country’s most ubiquitous health and social issues. The use of complementary and integrative therapies (CIT) within the scope of conventional healthcare practice for the treatment of substance use disorder will provide practitioners the tools needed to treat the substance use disorder patient (and their family) within the holistic spectrum, healing body, mind and spirit.

A holistic, integrative treatment program for addiction requires combining biochemical nutritional treatment for the brain (nutrition neuroscience) along with all other aspects (bio, psycho, social, economic), including counseling and education to support lifestyle change.

This certificate program has been designed for the wide range of health care students and professionals from a variety of disciplines who are interested in a delivery of care and services that focus on integrating complementary and integrative therapies into their conventionally based healthcare backgrounds, offering an innovative, caring and holistic transition to an underserved population. The program will be offered in an online format, thereby making it more accessible to working health care practitioners.