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Drexel Green

A Commitment Towards a More Sustainable Community

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Greening Together

Spreading Roots for a Greener City

Are you a resident of Philadelphia and would you like to plant a tree in your yard? Drexel University, in partnership with the City's Parks and Recreation Department, is offering you a free tree so you can join with thousands of others to create a green canopy for our city!

From the start of his administration, Mayor Michael Nutter declared his strong support for increasing the City's tree canopy. It has a central place in his shared vision of Philadelphia becoming America's greenest city and in Greenworks Philadelphia. Greenworks Philadelphia's target of 300,000 new trees planted by 2015 in order to help increase the City's tree cover toward 30% by 2025 is an ambitious goal.

To achieve this very ambitious target, the City will have to increase its own tree planting activities and work with numerous partners under a new tree planting model in which everyone has a role to play to help make Philadelphia the greenest city in America. This role includes citizens, neighborhoods, institutions, corporations, and the City government all coming together in innovative ways.

Drexel is proud to partner with Michael DiBerardinis, Deputy Mayor for Environmental and Community Resources, to help the City achieve its tree canopy goal. The University is already a leader in promoting environmental sustainability, the importance of trees, green building, recycling, and development of public open space, so the synergy for taking this next step was palpable.

For more information on community greening initiatives, please see the Tree Giveaway Program page.