Graduation Checklist

This checklist is for graduate students enrolled in a quarter program. Students in other professional programs should contact their department for forms and procedures.

Step 1: Graduation Requirements

To be considered a degree candidate, you must satisfy all the conditions established by your department. Speak to your supervising professor or departmental adviser about the requirements of your degree.

Step 2: Submit your application for degree

Complete and submit the Application for Degree via DrexelOne by the deadline dates. Read the Application for Degree documentation [PDF] for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Institutional holds

Logon to Drexel One to ensure you have no outstanding holds on your record.

Step 4: Financial obligations

Check for any remaining balance on your student account by logging on to DrexelOne. You will not receive your diploma or be able to request an official transcript until your account is paid in full.

Step 5: Commencement

Commencement occurs once a year in June. Find the commencement details for graduate students in college/school.

Step 6: Regalia

Visit the bookstore’s graduation site to buy or rent your graduation regalia.

Graduation Instructions for Doctoral Candidates


When you apply for graduation, your file will be reviewed for completion for these requirements as stated above. You should consult with your advisor, department chair or supervising professor regarding departmental requirements. For doctoral candidates in the physical therapy program (DPTs), please contact your department concerning completion as some of these requirements may be different for this degree.

What You Will Need

  1. Notification for Scheduling the Final Oral Defense
    You must file a D4 form outlining the information of your defense. The form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Studies Office at least four weeks in advance of your defense date.
  1. Result of your Final Oral Defense
    The D5 form is necessary for graduation. In the absence of this form, you cannot be cleared for graduation. The form is due 48 hours after the conclusion of your defense. Signatures are to be obtained at the conclusion of your successful defense. Your supervising professor or dissertation chair must specify on the form whether or not the results of the final oral defense were or were not satisfactory. Once all signatures are obtained, the form must be submitted to the Graduate Studies by your committee within 48 hours of your defense.
  1. Thesis/Dissertation Approval Form
    The Thesis/Dissertation Approval form details important information about the publishing/binding process. It must be signed by you, your supervising professor or committee chair, the committee members, academic advisor and department head. Upon completion, this form must be submitted to the library. A completed copy of your dissertation/thesis must be submitted to the library along with two separate payments to cover the binding charges. For more information about the binding process, please visit
  1. Completion Form
    This is the final step in the process. In order for the Graduate Studies Office to clear you for graduation, this form must be filed by the proposed deadline. Make sure the information is legibly written and obtain all the required signatures on the form.

Steps to Completion

  1. Complete and submit the Application for Degree through Drexel One by the established deadline for the term. Read the Application for Degree documentation [PDF] for detailed instructions;
  2. Work with your advisor and committee members, decide on a date, time and place for your final oral exam (defense), making certain that the defense date occurs before the established deadline for the term. (Note that the advisor has to agree that the dissertation is ready to defend);
  3. Submit the Schedule of Final Oral Defense to the Graduate Studies Office at least four weeks prior to your defense date;
  4. Submit copies of your dissertation to the members of your defense committee at least three weeks prior to your defense date;
  5. At the conclusion of your successful defense, have all committee members sign the result of the final oral defense form (D5 Form);
  6. If you are required to make corrections to your dissertation, make the corrections and then submit the thesis approval form to the library. If no corrections are required, have your advisor sign the forms at your defense;
  7. After your advisor and committee members have signed the thesis/dissertation approval form and completion form, submit a completed copy of your dissertation and along with the two required forms (Thesis/Dissertation Approval form and Completion Form) to the library; and
  8. While the Thesis/Dissertation Approval form gets file at the library, the completion form needs to be returned to the Graduate Studies Office for clearance of your doctoral degree.

Final Materials

Submit the following to the Graduate Studies Office by the established deadlines:

Registration Requirement

All doctoral students must be registered for at least one credit hour either research or dissertation in the term in which one is planning to defend and/or graduate.