Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Forensic Trends and Issues in Contemporary Healthcare

The certificate program examines contemporary trends and issues related to the wide range of interpersonal violence, crime and sudden violent death that may be encountered in a variety of healthcare settings. Theoretical tenets, methods for assessment and related implications for intervention and/or referral will be examined from a multifaceted perspective—including that of the offender, crime victim, families, and the healthcare community-at-large.

Forensic CertificateThis post-baccalaureate certificate is intended for providers and educators in the healthcare sciences, as well as professionals who have direct contact with victims and/or offenders across disciplines and areas of practice.

Where healthcare and the law intersect

This program is intended for post-baccalaureate practitioners, graduate students and healthcare educators across the continuum of specialties and agencies. These broad inclusion criteria are recommended given that all healthcare agencies/providers are at some level of risk potential for violence by patients, families, visitors, students or other employees.

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