Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Programs Online

Integrated Nursing Care of Autism Spectrum Disorders. >> 
The Certificate in Integrated Nursing Care of Autism Spectrum Disorders is a graduate certificate program that prepares nurses to understand and deliver lifelong care to people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Forensic Trends and Issues in Contemporary Healthcare. >> 
The certificate program examines contemporary trends and issues related to the wide range of interpersonal violence, crime and sudden violent death that may be encountered in a variety of healthcare settings.

Leadership in Health Systems Management. >>
This certificate program provides a four-course grouping of classes from the MSN in Nursing Leadership in Health Systems Management curriculum.

Innovation and Intra/Entrepreneurship. >>
This program provides a four-course grouping of classes focusing on re-inventing and promoting innovative nursing practice in a variety of roles in creating healthcare organizations or entrepreneurial business development.

Nursing Education and Faculty Role. >>
This program provides a four-course grouping of classes that focus on knowledge and skills required for healthcare provider education roles.

Students taking an online course with a clinical component or practicum CANNOT do the clinical or practicum portion of the course within the state of Maryland at this time. If you are a licensed Registered Nurse (R.N.) you may complete a clinical or practicum in Virginia and Delaware which share in a Nurse Compact for Licensure with Maryland. Students who reside in Maryland may continue to take online courses at Drexel University, but they must do the clinical portion of the course in another state. If you have already made arrangements to do clinical in Maryland, please contact your Academic Advisor or Director of Clinical Education immediately to help you find a new clinical site. Drexel University is in the process of applying for a Certificate for Approval to Operate in Maryland.