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Department of Nursing—Master's

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Students or applicants interested in the Nursing Education and Faculty Role (NEFR) track in the M.S.N. program must complete classroom and clinical teaching practicum hours under the guidance of a preceptor as part of the required curriculum. Different states may have specific requirements related to patient care involvement and clinical teaching in the student role. The NEFR program does not monitor these requirements.

Any student who is licensed outside Pennsylvania and who is planning to complete a teaching practicum in that state has the responsibility to consult with their state board of nursing about clinical teaching under the supervision of a preceptor to verify that he or she may engage in a teaching practicum in that state, given that the student is enrolled in a Pennsylvania-based university. If state law or regulation does not permit the student to complete the required practicum hours, then satisfactory alternative arrangements must be made for the student to complete the required practicum hours in another jurisdiction. The NEFR track coordinator can assist any student with these concerns.