PhD in Nursing

The PhD in Nursing Science, a research-based program, aims to prepare nurse researchers to design, conduct and lead research studies as emerging nurse scientists. The objective of the PhD in Nursing is to prepare professional nurses as scholars and researchers who will make a substantive contribution to the body of knowledge for the discipline of nursing and thereby improve health services for those who receive nursing care.  

The Drexel PhD in Nursing program is unique in that it represents a commitment to an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum, with strong scientific emphasis within the discipline, an understanding of the science of related disciplines and translation science. The PhD in nursing program is committed to teaching traditional research methods, as well as innovative and emergent research paradigms. In addition to structured coursework, the program builds upon a research mentorship model which recognizes that research skills are learned most effectively by working with a faculty mentor, who provides opportunities to use the tools to design and execute an original research project within a focused program of study.

Graduates from Drexel University CNHP PhD in Nursing possess knowledge and skills in theoretical, methodological, and analytical approaches to conduct research to discover and apply knowledge in nursing science and healthcare, and demonstrate expertise within an area of study from a nursing and interdisciplinary perspective. 

Drexel University PhD in Nursing program is created as full- time study for students with advanced preparation in nursing at the master’s level (MSN to PhD). The PhD program begins every September. PhD applicants must complete the application by June 30, 2014.

For the 2014 deadline, please submit the application directly to Program Coordinator Anna Pohuly,