Wajeeha Choudhary

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Wajeeha Choudhary, PhD, 2017

Wajeeha Choudhary
Communication, Culture and Media

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Drexel's department of Culture and Communication. I came to Drexel just months after completing my B.A. in Sociology and Religion at Temple University. Generally, my research interests include the representation of Muslims in the media, social media and human agency, and sociological intersections in communication studies. I have been fortunate enough to begin my research career early during my undergraduate studies where I conducted a funded research project examining the workplace experiences of Muslim women who wear a hijab, the Islamic headscarf. At Drexel, I have continued my research regarding Muslim experiences. Currently, I am preparing a paper regarding the 'Muslim Rage' meme on Twitter in September 2012 following a Newsweek cover story by the same title. What began as an insult towards Muslims was rapidly changed into a demonstration of human agency as Twitter 'hijacked' the Muslim Rage meme by mocking its very foundation. 

Receiving the Honorable Mention for the NSF GRFP has been an especially rewarding experience to have my proposed research recognized and reviewed by one of the most prestigious research funding organizations in the country. I am grateful for the reviews and hope to apply again next year.