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Magda Bielinski, BS/PhD, 2012

Magda Bielinski
Electrical Engineering

I am currently a fourth-year undergraduate student with a passion for wireless communications research. I was first given the opportunity to participate in research through the STAR program and fell in love ever since. It was also during freshman year that I had first heard about the Goldwater when I attended an information session held by the Fellowships office. Since 2008, I was set on applying for this award once I became eligible. The Goldwater was among many factors motivating me to keep my grades up, continue my research, and become more involved in campus activities during the two years that I applied for the award.

It is an honor to finally be named a Goldwater Scholar. However, this would not have been possible without the time and help of the Fellowships Office and my advisers, whom I would like to thank.