Karen Sullam

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Karen Sullam, PhD, 2013

Karen Sullam
Environmental Science
Fulbright Student Scholar 2011-12
Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) program 2010

Karen Sullam is a 4th year Ecology PhD student in the department of Biology and is co-advised by Drs. Jacob Russell and Susan Kilham. She graduated with Honors in Biology from Hamilton College in 2006. Her dissertation focuses on fish gut microbial communities with particular focus on Trinidadian guppies, which serves as a model system for evolutionary ecology in nature.

She has received a Fulbright to Switzerland to conduct research at Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology), one of the world’s leading aquatic ecology research institutes. While in Switzerland, she will study the interaction of food webs and microbial ecology in Swiss lakes. Karen participated in a PhD summer school in 2009 that was organized by Eawag scientists. After the course, Karen saw the Fulbright scholarship as an avenue to return to Switzerland and continue collaborating with the scientists at Eawag. She is excited to broaden her horizons as a scientist and become familiar with international research.

Watch or Download Karen's interview on her Fulbright application experience video.