Joseph Angelo

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Joseph Angelo, BS, 2010

Joseph Angelo
Physics, Minor in Mathematics

I graduated Drexel University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science. Though I majored in physics, most of my research was under the guidance of Dr. Karl Sohlberg in the Chemistry Department. I knew I eventually wanted to go to graduate school, but I needed a year to give back to the community and to do something that would directly impact society. The following school year I started my AmeriCorps year of service in Boston, MA, helping urban middle school students progress their literacy skills and introducing them to the game of tennis.

During this year of service, I was accepted into Boston University’s Biomedical Engineering PhD program where I plan to study bioimaging techniques. The College of Engineering awarded me a Dean’s Fellowship, an internal fellowship that funds my first year of graduate studies. Winning the NSF GRFP Fellowship gives me great relief and security for my later years of research. It also gives me the freedom to choose a research project based on my own interests without worrying about funds being unavailable.