Jessica Isaacs

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Jessica Isaacs, PhD, 2012

Jessica Isaacs
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Department: Orthopaedic and Tissue Biomechanics

USIEF Post-Doctoral Award 2012-13

Jessica grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and after graduating high school in 3 years and an adventure in Pittsburgh, decided to come back to the area to finish her studies. She completed her undergraduate work at Widener University in Mechanical Engineering (B.S. 2006). Jessica started her graduate career at Drexel University soon thereafter and completed a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (M.S. 2009) under Senior Associate Vice Provost for Translational Research Michele Marcolongo, PhD, PE, studying spine biomechanics. Her current research interests include spine biomechanics, effect of degeneration and age, and disc herniation. She will be defending her Doctoral thesis, also under Dr. Marcolongo, this Spring entitled, "Micromechanics of the Annulus Fibrosus: Toward a Model of Intervertebral Disc Herniation." During her tenure at Drexel, Jessica worked as a teaching fellow (ENGR 10X), TA (ENGR 220) and was also the event coordinator of a non-profit group called Buzzing 4 Change. Jessica is the recipient of a Fulbright Post-Doctoral award which will enable her to conduct her research for twenty months at Tel Aviv University under Professor Rami Haj-Ali.