Caitlin Costello

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Caitlin Costello, BA, 2010

Caitlin Costello
International Area Studies

As a Fulbright scholar in Senegal, I will be conducting research on domestic rice production. I will look at how local rice cultivation can become a more viable option, by examining strategies being used in the Senegal River Valley, as well as further areas of growth in the industry. Senegal in one of the most food-import-dependent countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and my research will explore how the country can increase domestic production of one of its major staples to become more food secure. I hope to use this opportunity to further my understanding of the issues in expanding marketable production and increasing food security, and to apply my research to my future education and career in the field of international agricultural development.

Video: Watch or Download Caitlin's interview on her Fulbright application experience video.

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