NSF S-STEM Scholarship Program in Physics and Chemistry

Degree Level: Undergrad

Enrollment Status: Full-time

Field of Study: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Location: United States

Duration: Multi-year

Deadlines: Please check website below for the specific date.


The NSF S-STEM Scholarship Program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation for the purpose of assisting academically talented, financially needy students in city of Philadelphia to earn B.S. degrees in physics or chemistry from Drexel University. This program, referred to by the acronym S-STEM (for Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), will provide $40,000, pro-rated over five years, to 10 selected students who enter Drexel and remain enrolled as full-time physics or chemistry majors in good standing. To qualify, students must be U. S. citizens or permanent residents and must meet the criterion of financial need as determined by the U.S. Department of Education.

The GK-12 program is an institutional grant. Students apply within the college for this opportunity. Please contact Dr. Roberto C. Ramos at rcr32@drexel.edu for more information.

To be considered for S-STEM scholarships, seniors must take SAT (or ACT) exams and formally apply to Drexel in addition to meeting the need-based criterion. Through a series of informational meetings and workshops, interested students will be coached through the process of applying to Drexel and applying for financial aid. Recipients of the S-STEM scholarships will be well-mentored throughout their college years. Tutoring, academic counseling, and other resources will be provided to ensure the good performance of the S-STEM scholars and to spur them to graduation in a timely fashion.


Award Details
Amount: $40,000 over five years
Fields of Study: Physics, Chemistry
Location: Drexel University
Additional Qualifications: (prospective) Drexel students only