Applying for Fellowships

Fellowships are investments in you, offering an array of opportunities and benefits:

  • Pay for your education

    Fellowships can pay for your undergraduate or your graduate education (sometimes both). Funding might mean you don’t need that evening job to cover tuition or living expenses. It might also mean real independence for you – an ability to choose your own path, your own research, your own experience.

  • Fuel personal growth
    Fellowships are empowering experiences. In the process of applying for fellowships, you will have a chance to reflect on and define your life path, building self-confidence and expanding your vision of what is possible. The awards themselves often offer unique opportunities to grow intellectually and personally.
  • Change how you view the world
    Some fellowships enable you to research, study, or work overseas, where you may be exposed to places, people, and ways of thinking that you wouldn’t have otherwise encountered. Such exposure can help you develop a richer and more nuanced understanding of the world.
  • Give you a competitive edge in graduate school and the workplace
    Fellowship awards are incredibly prestigious and will open doors for you for the rest of your life.  Graduate schools and employers are particularly interested in recipients of highly competitive fellowships because they know that such awards signal an applicant’s drive, dedication, and intellectual curiosity.

If this sounds appealing to you, start by doing your research.  Read about the application process, explore possible awards, and then make an appointment with the Drexel Fellowships Office by emailing