Upcoming Fulbright Workshops

All Fulbright workshops have taken place at this point. For help with your Fulbright essays use these two resources (in addition to working with Rona Buchalter or Cindy Schaarschmidt)

(1) August (Skype) Drop-in hours with Rachel Wenrick on Friday afternoons. Rachel is available to read and talk with you about your personal statement and/or project proposal at 109 Disque Hall between 12-3PM. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please email her at rw346@drexel.edu!

(2) One-on-one Sessions with DWC Faculty Fellows. Drexel Writing Center faculty fellows are available for individual one-hour sessions (either in-person or online).  You can meet with a faculty fellow at any stage in your writing process.  To see available session times and make an appointment go to the Appointments page on the DWC website.  Log on to WCOnline and pull down the Fellowship Applicants schedule.